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by  DANI GRANT Possibly one of the most exciting late summer events in Northern Colorado, BandSwap returns! A collaborative and progressive effort to share local musicians within a wider area, BandSwap features partnering bands who travel to various participating states to perform for new locales. A total of nine states participate in BandSwap. These include […]

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Scene Magazine of Northern Colorado

We love this map! ... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago

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Franklin TaggartMissing a few good ones.6 days ago

Franklin TaggartZwei Bruder is the new one.6 days ago

Jeff ReichertPretty cool map. 7 & 8 should be switched though.6 days ago

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Scene Magazine of Northern Colorado

Fall Harvest Brewfest this Friday night!! Music, fun, beer, cider, liquor, and more! What else could you ask for? ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Scene Magazine of Northern Colorado

New Belgium Brewing's Tour de Fat is tomorrow 8/30. See you there with your crazy costumes! Parade starts at 10am ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Scene Magazine of Northern Colorado

Why you need to come to tonight's Chippendales show In the form of a Late Night countdown: Courtesy of Laura Gippert, Entertaining Fort Collins Reader and FC badass. Laura won a pair of tickets with this list! #chippendales Top 10 reasons this almost 40 yr old NEEDS to see hot-half naked men on a Tuesday Night. #10: YOLO and this is a once in a lifetime show (or maybe twice). #9: Been married to the same wonderful man for 10 years. It's a rare opportunity to see other naked men in the flesh. #8: That divot where the hip bone meets the pelvis on a man who's in great shape .... Yummy! #7: Smooth, waxed ripped abs make me happy, which then makes my husband and child happy...and on and on which makes our community and the world a happier place... aka The Butterfly Effect. #6: Been waiting patiently for a Magic Mike sequel for 3 years... And still no sign of a return. #5: I can caterwaul louder and more obnoxiously than anyone I know.... and I cannot resist doing so. #4: The internet lacks female audience oriented sexy videos. I desperately need some new fantasy material. #3: I lack opportunities to cut loose and get WILD. Need a ladies night! #2: My friends who slacked and aren't going to the show will be jealous.... and they will be sure not miss out on the next Entertaining Fort Collins contest. #1: The statement "I turn 40 this year" is the new "I'm really Horny". ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago